OCDM ASSOCIATES Oluwaseun Cephas July 1, 2021

Register as one of Oluwaseun Cephas Digital Ministries Associates

OCDM Associates are volunteers who are willing to partner with the ministry workforce in fulfilling the ministry’s mandate.

The following areas are available to partner with the ministry

Section 1

This section manages the creativity of the Gospel in the digital world. This category of people work with Xephas Digitals

  • Content Distributors || Content Distributors will be responsible for sharing of digital evangelism content on their social media. No skill is required to join. Use your social media audience for God
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Editors
  • Email Marketing Specialists
  • WordPress Specialists
  • Social Media Specialists

Section 2

This section takes care of spiritual growth and spiritual development and also linking new converts to a local church. These categories of people work with TalkToJesus.Net

  • Bible Study Facilitators || Bible study Facilitators will coordinate our online community of believers who share the word of God together for edification
  • Disciple Coaches || Disciple coaches will teach and train believers and new converts about spiritual growth and maturity before linking them to a local church.
  • Prayer Associates || Prayer associates will pray with people who seek prayers.
  • Administrative Associates || This section will work with all other associates under the second section for effectiveness. They will also help in linking new converts to a local church.

Qualifications for being an associate of the ministry.

General qualifications

  1. A born-again Christian and not a recent convert.
  2. Must be above 20 years of age.
  3. An active user of the web and email.
  4. Agreement with OCDM Statement of Faith.
  5. An active member of a local church which agree also with our Statement of Faith
  6. Possess spiritual and emotional maturity
  7. Must be teachable and be open to the divine leading of the Holy Spirit
  8. Must be baptized by the Holy Spirit with evidence of spiritual gifts according to 1 Cor. 12:7-11
  9. Posses vocal and written communication skills
  10. Ability to discreetly manage the privacy of others


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