Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision Oluwaseun Cephas June 15, 2021


  • Digital Church. (Fellowship of brethren for edification)
  • Digital Evangelism. (Witness Christ to the unreached)
  • Digital Discipleship. (Disciple men and link them to a local church)
  • Digital Missions. (Develop and execute strategies for the Great Commission online)
  • Digital Christians. (End product is to build an army of digital Christians)


  • Seek the lost sheep in the digital world through digital strategies
  • Make disciples of men in the digital world
  • Disciple converts and links them to a local church in their location
  • Build generations of ambassadors who will represent Christ in the digital world
  • Train Christians on how to evangelize and witness Christ online
  • Teach churches and ministries how to use the digital world for Christ effectively
  • Equip Christians with necessary tools to Take Jesus Digital
  • Create a fellowship of disciples where people can learn and study about Christ

Mission Statement

OCDM exists to take Jesus digital and to fill the digital world with the knowledge of Jesus Christ