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About Us

Mandate Note

The digital world is home to countless individuals who have yet to encounter Christ. In fact, some may never step foot in a physical church but are in dire need of coming to the knowledge of the Almighty God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the digital world is also filled with different doctrines that are not of Christ, leaving Christians seeking answers to many questions regarding faith, and people of other religions who seek knowledge about Jesus.

As a response, God has given our ministry a mandate to TAKE JESUS DIGITAL and fill the digital world with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Through our ministry, we seek to make Christ known in the digital sphere and counteract the negative influences of the devil.

Our ministry is focused on these core areas:

  1. Equipping Christian churches and ministries with digital skills to take Jesus digital: We recognize the importance of digital skills in reaching the lost in the digital world. As such, we offer training and resources to Christian churches and ministries to empower them with the necessary digital skills to take the Gospel to the digital sphere.
  2. Using digital strategies to take the Gospel to the digital world with the aim of preaching to the lost soul: We believe that the digital world is a mission field in itself, and we leverage digital strategies to share the love and message of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet encountered Him. Our aim is to reach the lost with the Gospel and lead them to salvation through Jesus Christ.
  3. Using digital tools for discipleship: Our ministry recognizes the need for discipleship in the digital world, and we use digital tools to help believers grow in their faith and understanding of the Word of God. We offer online courses, devotionals, and other resources that allow believers to deepen their knowledge of Christ and develop their relationship with Him.
  4. Providing resources for Christians, churches, and ministries: As a ministry focused on taking Jesus digital, we understand the importance of having access to relevant resources that aid in the work of evangelism and discipleship in the digital world. Therefore, we offer a variety of resources such as eBooks, online courses, webinars, and other materials that are specifically designed to equip and empower Christians, churches, and ministries to effectively share the Gospel and disciple others online.
  5. Providing digital solutions for churches and ministries: We offer a range of digital solutions to help churches and ministries establish a strong online presence, reach their target audience, and effectively communicate their message. These solutions include building church websites, designing graphics, creating social media strategies, and many more. Our team of experts works closely with churches and ministries to understand their specific needs and tailor solutions that meet their unique requirements. We believe that having a strong digital presence is crucial for churches and ministries to effectively take Jesus digital and make an impact in the online world.